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Have you ever thought about visiting Colombia? Have you ever heard about this wonderful country? Are you going to visit us for a specific reason? Business, Education or Medical treatments? If you are, this site is being made for you.

From my personal experience, tourists come to our country for the first time without really knowing what to expect, however their visit always ends up exceeding their expectations.

This is a wonderful country that delights our guests with sweet and friendly people, with an ever changing tropical climate, a variety of landscapes from warm beaches to the high peaks of the Andes covered with snow, modern infrastructure, a varied and exquisite gastronomy, and so on.

Beach at Tayrona National Park

      Pedestrian and cyclist path in the north of Bogota

Victoria Regia on the Amazon River

Jimenez Avenue in downtown Bogotá

Barichara, a colonial town in Santander Department

My country, a kaleidoscope of sights inviting you to explore them

Although this and many other amazing facts, there is some reasons why our country has been so unknown by the world: one could be the lack of information at hand in other languages different than Spanish, and the other one is the lack of positive information about it.

Colombia is like a very special diamond, full of facets… where the most beautiful and cherished ones have been the ones less publicized. And, our mission in Going2Colombia is to show you the place where we live, and help you take the best out of your trip, showing you as much facets as we can.

With this in mind we have three main goals: first, help you prepare your trip before coming, second, give you useful and current information to help you enjoy your trip, and last but not least help you get the most beautiful and special treats to bring back home with you.

Before you are coming

If you are really intrigued by what there is expecting you here, and want to get an idea before coming about our geography, climate, history, cost of living, economy, and culture; please don’t miss our facts about Colombia.

And while you are here

We would be more than pleased in showing you our amazing destinations, traditions and activities, and showing you the country of the Magical Realism and how to take the best of it. Each day in this country there is something new to do, that’s why we say it's impossible to get bored here.

This country will not cease to amaze and surprise you.

Probably you are coming with your schedule fixed, and you will have much or little time, anyway I think it is well worth making space to enjoy its varied gastronomy, unique music, traditional and modern art, adventure destinations, multi-cultural expressions and tropical nature.

So choose from our varied list according to your interests, your time and your location. Here we share with you the best things to do by categories.

Thinking about what to bring back home?

I know as we travel around the world, we love to bring home something to remember and something to tell our loved ones they were in our minds on our trip. We have an outstanding production of hand crafts and designed objects made in varied materiales and different techniques.

Here you will find what we recommend to bring back home. So please, keep coming back to check our suggestions.

I hope Going2Colombia...

Will be useful in giving you an idea of what to expect; and helpful so that you can enjoy your trip and get the best of it. We want to be your personal adviser.

You can ask us everything personally. In fact let us know if you need some additional information: Contact UsKeep in mind that this is a website in constant development.

We are dedicated in sharing our love, experience and knowledge about our wonderful country, aminly because we are proud of being Colombians and we want visitors to have an unforgettable experience.

If someone tells you this is a paradise, it is honest truth. The good things around are more than you can imagine; and we want you to enjoy it.

Now you're Going2Colombia!


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