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Hi, I'm Adriana, a Colombian Architectc.

And if you read our story, you will know about the passion we feel about our country Colombia, and why we wanted to tell the world the truth about it.


I have lived in Colombia for more than 35 years, and I've had the opportunity to travel for 12 years around the globe with my family: husband and three kids.

When we were away living in Europe or Africa, or the Middle East, or the Far East I always remember we missed something from Colombia:

  • Our natural food, fruits, our fruit smoothies
  • the kindness of our people
  • the variety of our climate and geography, that allow us to be in a place with summer weather or in a place with spring weather, or fall weather...it doesn't matter on which part of the year we were, just driving 2 hours from home going up or down the Andeans mountains
  • We missed many things, and started to appreciate so much what we had back home

And when the time came up to really be back home...I decided to do something to better sell our country, and get people to know more about it, and if they are so lucky, wanted to come and visit us.

From my international experience I noticed that a great percentage of foreigners don’t know anything about Colombia, or they have a misconception about it. 

I concluded that the situation has being supported by two main reasons:

One, there is a lack of information in a language different than the Spanish that have make us widely unattainable.

And the second one, is the source of the limited information they have that comes from various sources: the news on TV, movies made by other foreigners who have an interest in showing just part of our reality, and haven’t experience the whole, and some other ways that don’t really make us honor.


So, I decided to:

First develop a compound of information made by people who really know very close interesting facts about Colombia.

Second organized it within a tourist needs perspective.

Third in a language widely understood that could be by far the English.

And last but not least, I wanted to use the most effective tool actually available: the internet. 

But how to do it through the internet, because I didn’t have a professional training on this aspect.

I thought, I could manage to compile interesting and valuable information about Colombia, I could manage to do it in English looking to improve day by day my grammar, vocabulary, etc. I knew the needs of a tourist because I was one of them for almost 15 years.

But where I was going to start with the internet idea? I knew by experience that this is the most effective tool to reach people around the globe but didn’t have much idea about how.

So, I reaserch and research.... for a solution to the lack of knowledge about the internet and how to perform the e-marketing business.

One day, I came across SITESELL and Ken Evoy’s approach, I knew about many programs selling this kind of service, but when I arrive to SBI and started surfing on its pages and reading about the stories of some SBI'ers, I became a real fan of SBI.

I followed up those SBI'ers sites for months and right now I've followed up years, and could see how they were growing their business, and having the chance of living a new life.

After that, I decided to follow their path and create my own online business, following step by step their programm, to live the dream of doing what I'm passion about it.

That's how our online business was born with the help of SBI.

We called it Going2Colombia

A newly created web business dedicated to the dissemination of Colombia as a natural, musical, culinary, artistic, adventure and cultural destination for visitors worldwide. 


Going2Colombia offer information, timely and relevant content in English organized by categories for anyone interested in knowing about Colombia for tourism purposes, arising from a trip for business, education, leisure or health reasons.


On 2015 Going2Colombia will be recognized as the best guide on the web to help visitors enjoy their trip and take with them the best possible experience from our country, by connecting them with the natural wealth, human talent and quality products and services offered in Colombia.



Give our visitors the best opportunity to get the most positive and unforgettable experience, by giving them timely, valuable, clear and interesting information about Colombia.

Make irresistibly visible every quality product or service Colombia can offer to the world in terms of tourism.

Enable talented Colombian people promotional spaces at the universal level, to generate prosperity for themselves and their community.

Generate a stimulating and enriching workspace in which our collaborators can develop and strengthen their teamwork skills, so that it impacts positively on their quality of life. 


  • Love for our country
  • Common goods
  • Teamwork
  • Trust in the future
  • Quality service

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