Tours in Colombia
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All the Tours in Colombia you will find here are "Tours a la Carte", specially designed for you to inspire your five senses in a wonderful country called Colombia.

Colombia has an immense tourism potential that's starting to be known by the world.

Our best security conditions, the development of road and tourism infrastructure, the natural goodness of our land, and the vocation of our people to be excellent hosts leads us to be a tourist destination par excellence.

Here we will list for you the best possible tour ideas in Colombia.

The natural condition of our land makes Colombia a perfect destination for people who likes nature and adventure. The geographical richness of our territory with its wide variety of landscapes and climates, and with them a unique biodiversity of flora and fauna in the world, Colombia is a country that will surprise you.

The quality of some of our cities in terms of its archaeological and architectural heritage and its outstanding conservation makes it an interesting place to visit.

The warmth of our people always ready to welcome tourists, will give an special touch to your experience traveling Colombia, that I'm sure you will always remember.

Tours in Colombia by theme

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Tours in Colombia by Natural Regions

Colombia is divided in some natural regions, with particular climate, topography, and vegetation, that changes from region to region.

Colombia geography is often split into five Natural Regions; however, it is more accurate to talk about six, because it is necessary to take into account the so-called Insular Region (where you can find, for example, the island of San Andrés).

So, the Natural Regions of Colombia are:

Andean Region

Caribbean Region

Pacific Region

Insular Region

Orinoquia Region

Amazonia Region

Tours in the Andean Region

The Andean region is the central area of the country, with a variety of landscapes due to the valleys and Andean mountains as the main determinants in its geography.

The distance between capital cities of the departments of this Andean region by road could take from 4 to 20 hours and by plane 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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