Hotels in Bogota Colombia
a Business and Cultural Metropolis

Welcome to our Guide of Hotels in Bogota Colombia!

First, I would like to introduce you Bogota, our Capital city, before talking about the hotels in Bogota.

Bogotá is a city full of activity and movement, full of changes and transformation. It is mainly a urban city, surrounded by mountains. Everything in the country happens here, or you can see it here. The city is inhabited by people from all over the country, and this fact makes it a multi cultural city.

Bogota, a city in Colombia where you can experience our whole Colombian Culture.

Bogota is a green city. I think that the green backdrop of the mountains on the east side of the city is the most predominant feature on the landscape, besides the amount of trees and plants on parks, streets and avenues. The city looks fresh and cool due to its vegetation, or the view of its surroundings.

And when you stay at one of the Hotels in Bogota Colombia, you will enjoy its vibrant, urban, green and multicultural spirit.

Facts about Bogotá

Population: 7'400.000 inhabitants. It is the 6th biggest city in Latin America.

Age of the city: Bogotá was founded on August 6th of 1538, by Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, during the Spanish conquest.

Geographical Location: it’s located in the middle of Colombia’s territory, over a plateau called “Sabana de Bogotá” over the East Chain of the Andeans Mountains.

Altitud: 2.600 meters above the sea level.

Natural ecosystems: The area within 40 km of the International Airport Weather Station is covered by forests (34%), grasslands(32%),  croplands (18%),  shrublands (7%), andtundra (6%).

Weather: Bogotá has a mediterranean climate with dry warm summers and mild winters.

Temperature: Bogotá has an average climate of 14°C, varying from 7°C to 19°C. The temperature rarely gets below 2°C or higher than 22°C. For more information on weather and temperature, click here.

How to get to Bogota

  • By Plane: ElDorado Bogotá International Airport is considered the major gateway to Colombia from overseas. If you want more information about flights, airlines, schedules and services offered by the airport, please visit Eldorado International Airport. 

Most of the hotels in Bogota Colombia, have shuttle service from the airport to the hotel upon your arrival, and from the hotel to the airport for your departure. Always ask at the moment you book your reservation.

  • By bus: The city has two main terrestrial terminals located in the center and south zone of the city. Buses get to these terminals from different cities around the country, and also from other countries like Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador.
  • By car: The city has many access roads:
  • From the north “Autopista Norte”and “Carrera Septima” connect the city with the northern departments, Boyaca, Santander, and the Caribbean region.
  • “Carrera 13” and “Autopista Sur” connect the city with the south and west regions of the country. These are the roads with more traffic around the year, because connects the city with almost all the main cities in the west, north and south regions.
  • “Avenida Calle 80” is one of the main gateways from the Coffee Central Region, also called “Coffee Triangle Zone”
  • “Autopista al Llano” connects the city with the East regions of Colombia.

Where to stay

Bogotá has experienced in recent years an increase in the number of tourist accommodation spaces. National and international hotel chains have expressed interest in expanding its facilities, improving or building new ones. 

Bogota is the most intense business city in Colombia.

It is the only Colombian city in the Top 10 cities for doing business in Latin America, as noted by AméricaEconomía a Chilean firm, in its latest special report. The city of Bogota is considered the eighth most interesting city for business in Latin America and the first in the Andean region (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru)

As I said earlier Bogota is a city that looks active, vibrant, energetic and varied, and maybe for the same reasons it is also not an easy city. So, I will encourage you to visit our page on tips for visiting Bogota and succeeding in the attempt.

Remember what we dream is that you "Take Colombia's Best with You". 

Hotels in Bogota Colombia

Most of the Hotels in Bogota are located in areas that offer a wide range of opportunities for dining, culture, business, shopping and entertainment.

We have clearly identified some areas where most Bogota Hotels are located. And we have organized the list of Bogota hotels according to their location. 

The list of zones in Bogota goes as follows:

  • Calle 26 or Avenida El Dorado (In English: 26th Street or El Dorado Avenue)
  • Zona G (In English: G Zone)
  • Avenida 72 ( In English: 72nd Street)
  • Zona Rosa
  • Calle 100 (In English: 100th Street)
  • Usaquén

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