Colombia Travel Tips or Survival Kit 

There are important things you must consider when visiting Colombia (Colombia Travel Tips). The first thing to consider is that Colombia is a safe country as long as you use your common sense and do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks. Here are our tips:

  • There is a significant presence of National Police agents and, where necessary, the National Army.
  • In case you did not know it, the official language of Colombia is Spanish, but tour guides and travel agents usually understand and speak English.
  • Here we use the metric system, on which the unit of length is the meter, the unit of volume is the liter, the unit of temperature is the Celsius degree (ºC), and the unit of mass is the kilogram.
MPH vs. Km/h
ºF vs. ºC
  • There are drugstores on every corner, however, it is important for you to know what kind of medical assistance covers your travel insurance, in case you need a hospital. Don’t you worry for hospitals, since most of them offer good service from the hands of competent professionals.
  • Most museums are closed on Mondays.
  • In major restaurants it is customary to tip 10%, but it is not obligatory.
  • Generally public transport (buses and taxis) has a small surcharge on nights and holidays (including Sundays).
  • It is not customary tipping taxi drivers. Paying what the taximeter indicates is enough.
  • The local currency is the Colombian peso (COP), although in large and small cities  exchange offices are available for virtually any currency transaction. Notes have six different denominations: COP$1.000, COP$2.000, COP$5.000, COP$10.000, COP$20.000 and COP$50.000. Coins circulate with five different denominations: COP$ 50, COP$100, COP$200, COP$500 and COP$1.000.

It is important for you to know that in 2012 coins with same values as the existing ones but with new designs came into circulation. Old coins are still in circulation and both designs have commercial validity.

  • The voltage is 110 volts and sockets are made for flat prongs, not round. You can easily get adapters in hardware stores or department stores. 
  • If you drive a car, we suggest you always use the parking spaces available. You do not want to get fined for parking in prohibited areas. And if you travel by road, it is best to do it in the day until you become familiar with the roads. Oh, and do not forget that in Colombia we drive on the right!!!

We recommend you to be cautious on the street without showing yourself untrusting or fearful. Please take into account our Colombia Travel Tips. As we said, Colombia is a safe country. Hope you're

Going 2 Colombia!

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