Colombian Art, an Invitation to Experience the Best of Culture

Although Colombian art has a tradition dating back to pre-Columbian times, it is not a secret that it has achieved international recognition. Fernando Botero, Doris Salcedo, Alejandro Obregón, Luis Caballero, Beatriz González, Enrique Grau, among others, are artists easily recognizable abroad, however, do not forget that there is still a lot to know. 

For beginners, it is worth visiting the National Museum of Colombia, which has important collections of art, history, archeology and ethnography.

Speaking of art involves speaking of disciplines as diverse as painting, sculpture, film, architecture, theater, literature and dance. The country's artistic offer is huge and, of course, the best way to approach the Colombian art is living a first-hand experience.

Museums and galleries are good choices to explore and enjoy the highlights of the Colombian painting and sculpture. There are specialized museums that hang solo shows or focus in some artistic trends or movements; it just depends on what you're looking for.


National Museum of Colombia.

Traveling across cities is the most interesting way to appreciate the Colombian architecture, but if you are a true lover, you cannot miss the Museum of Architecture Leopoldo Rother, first and only museum of its kind in the country, located in Bogotá.


The Colombian cinema, meanwhile, is constantly present in film festivals around the world. There is also a calendar of national festivals that showcase the latest of Colombian and world cinema. The International Film Festival of Cartagena is the most important film event in the country.

Theatrical plays are also made in Colombia. There is a huge list of must-see theaters for visiting across the country. Certainly, you can't miss the Iberoamerican Theater Festival, which takes place every two years during the Easter holidays in Bogota and gathers the most important theater companies and directors in the world. There is no similar event in all of Latin America.

Regarding dance, the country is well known for its folkloric ballet and other traditional dance companies. The typical dances are varied and in each region you can learn and enjoy a new one.

Generally, traditional music festivals, fairs and major regional events are accompanied by typical dance exhibitions, so it is important to stay on it to enjoy them. However, it is also usual to attend dance performances in theaters and indoors.

Colombian literature has much to offer apart from the great Gabo. In bookstores and libraries you can get the latest literary works of authors who are already part of the Colombian literature history. 

Colombian publishing houses are many and well known for their quality. There is also a full calendar of literary and poetry festivals, among which stands out the Hay Festival Cartagena. 

Museums, libraries, galleries, bookstores, fairs, theaters, cinemas, festivals... all this and more of Colombian art just because you're

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