The Music of Colombia, a Unique Experience

If music is your thing, here's how to enjoy the best of the music of Colombia, either folk, traditional, modern or contemporary.

The whole world knows Colombia is a country with a great musical tradition. We Colombians don't just hear the music; we dance it, we sing it and we live it. So much that we even have a musical city: Ibagué, the capital of the Tolima department. So it is no coincidence that many musicians and singers internationally recognized were born in Colombia.

"La Invitación" by Jorge Celedón talks about various Colombian cultures and events that occur throughout the year in this wonderful country.

Colombian magical sounds go from bambuco and salsa to rock and pop, depending on the country's region we are talking about. In fact, lots of bands that mix Colombian local genres with modern rhythms from around the world have emerged recently (Bomba Estéreo, Systema Solar, Puerto Candelaria, Palenke Soultribe, just to mention some).

The melodies of Colombia do not ignore other place's music, so, before stopping in time or just looking at itself, it has been open to changes and has assimilate to outside influences. The list of musical genres you can hear and enjoy in Colombia is almost endless.

Certainly, when you come you’ll enjoy the rhythms that are sung, danced and interpreted in every corner of the country. If you're on the streets of Bogota, on a Cartagena beach or in the main plaza of Villa de Leyva, you can easily find groups playing a vallenato, a porro or a cumbia.

In addition, throughout the year there are countless music festivals that take place in many regions.

We do not want to show you all Colombian musical genres, musicians or singers (that's what other websites do!). What we want is that if you like music, you can take the best of it when you come to visit Colombia. We will show you what we like and you decide what you want to experience.

The Music of Colombia at The Latin Grammy 2013

Carlos Vives 

Andrés Cepeda

Felipe Peláez y Manuel Julián

Alex Campos

"Best Tropical Song" and "Song of the Year 2013" Grammy Latino 

Colombian singer Carlos Vives, became the big winner of the 2013 Grammy Latino after receiveing three awards: Best Tropical Song and Song of the Year for "Volver a Vivir" and Best Album of tropical fusion "Corazón Profundo".

Some of our best musicians and singers

The intention of this site it is not to describe you our musicians, or our music at the beginning, what we want if that you can experience it first.

Take our music in your heart, because it will captivate you for sure.

We will start listing some of our musicians and their songs here, and we will be adding more of them every other day because believe me is a long list.



Carlos Vives


Alex Campos

Andrés Cabas

Andres Cepeda

Jorge Celedón

Felipe Pelaez y Manuel Julián

Toto La Momposina

Fanny Lu

Lucas Arnau


Joe Arroyo

Rafael Escalona

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The latest CD from one of our greatest singers.


The latest CD from one of our greatest singers.


The latest CD from one of our greatest singers.