Colombian Food: Variety, Tradition and Nature Fruits

Colombian food, like Colombian music, is extremely varied and offers endless possibilities. Our cuisine offers the most delicious typical dishes but there are also international renowned Colombian chefs. The latter have combined our cuisine with those from elsewhere and made the entire world say wonderful things about it.

Each region of the country offers its own dishes and recipes, so when you visit us, you'll live a dining experience full of secrets to discover. Exquisite desserts, unique and exotic fruits, the best coffee and the most amazing typical dishes make Colombia an excellent destination for food lovers.

In any major city you can find fast food restaurants, chain restaurants, typical dishes, international and local cuisine restaurants (please check out our Bogota Restaurant Guide).

If visiting a small town or a village, perhaps the culinary offer would be limited to local products and recipes but equally delicious.

Some of the traditional dishes you must taste are the Ajiaco soup, the Sancocho soup, the Bandeja Paisa, the Mondongo soup and the Lechona. All are typical from different regions of the country and are part of the Colombians idiosyncrasy and identity.

Another Colombian food pleasure is the Arepa, the Tamal, the Sobrebarriga (flank steak), Empanadas, Morcilla and Chorizo ​​(the most famous is the Chorizo ​​Santarrosano).

And for dessert, there is a huge list from which you can choose the Arequipe (caramel spread), Obleas (wafers), Panelitas, Cocadas or rice pudding.

There are also a variety of meats, seafood and fish on the menu. Here you will find fresh river and sea fish, white meats, poultry meat, all kinds of red meat and all the imaginable seafood delicacies.

Exotic Fruits

Don't forget Colombia, as a tropical country, has a huge nature variety. A gastronomic experience in our country would not be complete without going through the local marketplaces; there it's easy to be surprised with the flavors, colors, smells and textures of the fruits the farmers cultivate with love and dedication.

The Colombian countryside fruits are varied due to the geographical conditions. As the landscape and climate changes between one region and another, different fruits can be found growing in their own environment.

Although the list is long, some of the more exotic Colombian fruits are:

  • Cape gooseberry
  • Feijoa
  • Arazá
  • Guava
  • Dragon fruit
  • Mangostino
  • Soursop
  • Granadilla

...well, it's best to come and delight yourself with each of them.

This is another privilege of visiting a country with a rich and abundant nature.

Bon appetit!

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