Colombia News: Good News
told by Tourists

When we talk about Colombia News, in Going2Colombia, we talk about positive news.

We have to be fair with our country and its people, because every day millions of people wake up with the only mission to make the world a better place to live.

Although we can tell you a lot of good news about Colombia, we rather prefer to leave that opportunity to foreign tourists who have visited us and wanted to speak for themselves.

Tourists have an special perspective, and they tend to be more generous than we really are about our country. The reason could be that everything is new for them and we are so used to what we have. 

This page has been created to share the good news tourists has when they travel in Colombia. So if you want to share an experience or your perspective with us, please fill free to fill the contact form at the end of this page.

Colombia News by Tourists that Travel in Colombia

Samantha Cameron

Canadian girl who is in our country in a student exchange program, and has decided to write a blog about their experiences in Colombia.

We highly recommend its blog page, where she describes her firsts impressions about Bogota,  by answering an online quiz.

“I can only hope that it inspires people to come to this beautiful country I now call home” Says Samantha in her blog

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Fetze Weerstra

Dutch who lives and works in Bogotá, as a urban and rural landscape photographer.

We highly recommend its page about Postcards of Colombia.

"I try to show a positive, hopeful and sometimes nostalgic vision of this great country, but always with honesty" tell Fetze about its postcards of Colombia in his website

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Steve Hide

A tourist that works and lives in Bogota with his family, and use his Montero he called "Mitzi" for traveling and touring Colombia.

We highly recommend its page about "Fincas". He has a fresh and wonderful way to describe this rural environment we Colombians are so attached to it. Also its page: It is Colombia Safe? where you can have an idea of what he perceives about it.

"Chingaza's bleak climate ensures, the rather miraculous fact, that such an area so rich in wildlife and so devoid of human life can exist so close to a mega-city like Bogota" Says Steve about this wonderful National Natural Park of Chingaza up the hills of Bogota, in its blog

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