Colombia Nature, How to Enjoy The Most of It?

Colombia is known for the richness of its natural resources. Colombia nature includes wonderful landscapes, beautiful plants, tropical fruits and unimaginable animals that decorate the incredible geography of this country blessed by nature.

Thanks to its geographical location, the altitude differences between regions and because it is located in the tropics, Colombia is privileged with a natural heritage worthy of a museum.

The diversity of climates in Colombia allows you to find the most complex terrestrial ecosystems a few miles from each other: beaches, jungles, savannas, forests, deserts, wetlands, swamps, deserts and mountains. Not to mention the diversity of aquatic and marine ecosystems that enrich the natural beauty of our country.

Here are some facts that show the abundant nature of Colombia:

  • 150 coral species
  • 1,865 bird species
  • 10% (733) of the world's amphibian species
  • 3,000 families and 14,000 species of butterflies (first in the world)
  • 50,000 flower species (first in the world)
  • 150 hummingbird species (first in the world)
  • 456 mammal species
  • 939 moss species
  • The Caribbean Sea largest coast

And the list goes on... well... the nature of Colombia is waiting for you.

Thanks to all this, ecotourism in Colombia has been strengthened in recent years, and Colombia stands out as one of the most desired destinations by travelers worldwide. More than 56 National Natural Parks are a great option for getting close to the most splendid flora and fauna. There you can merge with nature and be part of the landscape.

So, when you visit Colombia you will have the opportunity to enjoy all climates and natural environments during the same time of the year. Wherever you go you'll be amazed by the natural beauty of this country.

Just choose your destination and get ready to enjoy, live and breathe the life abundance of Colombia.

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