Bogota Hotel Restaurants

Welcome to our guide to the Bogota Hotel Restaurants.

When we travel, it’s always really nice to sit down in front of a great meal after a long day of walking, seeing, taking pictures… living. So, is a gift if the hotel you are staying in has a restaurant with a good menu and serves something beyond what you expect as “normal” food in a regular hotel.

In recent years, Colombia has experienced a remarkable development as a tourist destination. It has been possible thanks to the improvement of the country’s economy, which has boosted the construction of new hotels by many worldwide important hotel chains and the growth of existing national hotel chains.

Fortunately for our visitors, with the growth of the hotels offer in Colombia and particularly in Bogota, the gastronomic offer in these hotels has become more and more interesting.

In Bogota, as in almost every large city, main hotels are located in different areas of the city and it determines their quality, prices, surrounding area, etc…

In the capital of Colombia you will find hotels everywhere! It doesn’t matter if you go south or north, passing by the downtown, or from west to east, where the Cerros orientales begin, you will get a hotel in Bogota. All depends on your budget and your preferences when it’s time to choose.

Some hotels have given special importance to their cuisine, opening the doors of restaurants to offer exclusive and well-designed environments and a variety of dishes that combine the best of our Colombian cuisine with different varieties of international cuisines.

Restaurant hotels in this guide are located in the Parque de la 93, Zona Rosa y Zona T, Usaquén, Centro or downtown, Zona G y Quinta Camacho and other zones.

In general, the gastronomic offer of the Bogota Hotel restaurants is varied in quality, price and type of cuisine. So all you have to do is choose from our list of restaurants and order.

The List

Art Cafe




El Bodegon

El Mirador

El Virrey

La Alcazaba

La Biblioteca

La Macuira

La Trattoria

La Ventana

Los Arcos

May Fair

Mei Kei

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