La Calera Restaurants

Welcome to our guide to the La Calera restaurants.

It is more accurate to say that these restaurants are located in the Bogota – La Calera route.

One of the main reasons I imagine why this route is so special for us, the Bogota inhabitants, is that we all feel admiration and pleasure when seeing a city from above.

In some viewpoints along this route, we can admire the activity of the city, its architecture and urban planning, and almost the whole city. At night we can enjoy seeing the lights shining on the ground, the lines of the main streets, the lighting of the tall buildings, the small winding streets, all together like an abstract painting bathed in stars.

The municipality of La Calera is located 16 kilometers from the north-east edge of Bogotá, and almost 400 meters above it.

This winding route (from Bogotá to La Calera) can take you around 20 minutes driving with normal traffic. Along the route you will find some viewpoints, where you can enjoy the view of the city, while you drive surrounded by the nature and breathe the fresh air of the mountain. You will tell me if I’m wrong when I say that you will love it!

Besides the awesome view, you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes of eastern and western hills, the Teusacá River, White River Basin, some small waterfalls, the San Rafael reservoir, the spectacular Peña de Tunjaque and the Chingaza Park.

I think we are very fond to this natural environment, because as we live in Bogotá, a heavily urbanized city, we have learned to love nature.

As you can imagine, in the restaurants located in this zone you will enjoy -besides its gastronomy offer- wonderful views of the city and a joyful encounter with the nature. All this is possible less than 20 minutes away from Bogota.

Some restaurants have been placed along this route in small houses or chalets, characterized by its vernacular architecture, in the middle of a quiet countryside environment.

The gastronomic offer of these restaurants is varied and goes from barbecues, Colombian food, Italian food, Russian food and Mediterranean food, to fish -especially trout- and seafood.

So all you have to do is choose from our list of restaurants in the Bogota – La Calera route and order.

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