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Usaquén, located northeast of Bogotá, was an Indigenous village in the Pre-Hispanic era. During the Colony and Republican era it was a seat of famous haciendas as Santa Ana, Santa Barbara and El Cedro.

It was erected as a municipality with almost 100 houses in 1852, and in 1905, after the construction of the north highway of the city, became a highly interesting place to live in, only 12 kilometers from Bogotá.

By the 1970’s all the haciendas begun to be transformed in neighborhoods and developments of commercial properties. Although the architectural transformation of the area, the main old town of Usaquén kept its traditional flavor, and right now you can enjoy the feeling of being in a small colonial town at the edge of the eastern mountains of Bogota, right beside a very modern zone of the city.

With its small streets, some of them stone paved, its central plaza, its old Santa Barbara de Usaquén Church, and its colonial and republican houses, Usaquén became a perfect place for restaurants and family and tourist entertainment.

Usaquén is defined as the area delineated on the west by the Carrera 7 (or Carrera séptima), and on the east by the Carrera 5 (or Carrera quinta), on the south by the Calle 116 (116th street) and on the north by the Calle 121 (121th street).

Right at the south edge of the old town of Usaquén is located the Hacienda Santa Barbara mall. It was built over the Republican style House of the Hacienda. The mall preserves some of the old features of the house, as the Arch entering, the stoned patio with the water fountain in the middle, its wooden doors and windows now painted in red, the balconies looking at the central patio, and some of its tall trees and gardens.

From the Mall you can stroll to the main Plaza of Usaquén and visit some of its shops with handicrafts and design objects, enjoy a cup of coffee with a cake or a sandwich at one of its coffee shops, or take delight with a delicious dish at one of its famous, creative and warm ambiance restaurants.

In general, the gastronomic offer of the Usaquen restaurants in Bogota is varied in quality, price and type of cuisine. So all you have to do is choose from our list of restaurants and order.

The List

80 Sillas

7,16 (Leo Katz)




Arcanos Mayores


Horacio Barbato

Il Fileto Gourmet

ll Pomodoro

La Mar

Mediterranea de Andrei

Mi Calle

Mr Ribs


Santo Pecado

Tapas Sepulveda


Tienda de Cafe

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