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Welcome to our guide to the Calle 26 Restaurants in Bogota.

The Calle 26 (26th Street) is also known as the Avenida El Dorado (El Dorado Avenue). In this guide, it is defined as the area delineated on the east by the Carrera 50, on the west by the El Dorado International Airport, on the south by Avenida La Esperanza (La Esperana highway) and on the north by the Avenida El Dorado or Calle 26.

The Avenida El Dorado was built in 1952 with the purpose of connect the center of the city, located on the east side and where main government offices are located, and El Dorado International Airport, which is located on the west side of the city.

The Ciudad Salitre neighborhood is located in this area. It is a main residential neighborhood developed during the nineties in the west of Bogota. It has some important buildings, as the headquarters of the daily newspaper El Tiempo and the Imprenta Nacional de Colombia (National Printing Office of Colombia).

With the implementation of Transmilenio, the main transportation system in the city, El Dorado Avenue has become the most modern in the city.

With its strategic location close to the airport and the development of new industrial and business centers on that part of the city, this area has become very attracting for national and international hotel chains. These hotels have very good accommodation facilities as well as interesting spaces for entertainment.

Another attractive aspect of this zone of Bogota is the malls. Here you can find some important malls as Salitre Plaza and Gran Estación. The last is the most important mall in the west side and perhaps the one with fastest growing in the city.

The airport is also a good option for shopping. It has a whole new Duty Free area which offers tax free high quality products for international travelers. A useful advice is that outside the Duty Free area the shopping prices within the airport tend to be higher than normal (as happens in almost every airport of the world).

In this zone you will also find bars, cafes and pubs. The gastronomic offer of the Calle 26 restaurants in Bogota is varied in quality, price and type of cuisine. So all you have to do is choose from our list of restaurants and order.

Brisa Marina


El Greco

El Paso Steak House

El Virrey




Republik Asian Food

Tanoshii Lounge & Sushi Bar

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