Iberoamerican Theater Festival: A Stunning Theatrical Adventure, One of a Kind

The Iberoamerican Theater Festival is one of the most important cultural events in Bogotá, capital of Colombia, and has evolved as one of the most important events of this kind in the world.

It takes place every two years during spring break and lasts two weeks approximately.

During these days, Bogota becomes a real Theater City and gets involved in the dramatic arts, bringing together some of the most important theater companies from around the world.

Bogota dresses up with color, joy, talent, laugh, and innovation on scene.

“Bogotanos”, as we call the people from Bogota, and foreigners too, get together to participate in different events. Some take place at Plazas, Fairs, parks and most of them at theaters. Even the Exhibition Fair Ground (Corferias) becomes a continuous presentation theater where the festival is enjoyed by adults and children.

This Festival offers the most complete show of performing arts including classic theater, dance, circus, performance, pantomime and puppets shows, among others, taking place simultaneously in theaters and along the streets of Bogota.

At the same time, the Festival organizes workshops and lectures by the greatest masters from around the world to the delight of amateurs and savvy actors.

FITB History

The Festival's first presentation was in 1988 for the celebration of the 450th anniversary of the Foundation of the city. It was promoted by Fanny Mickey, an Argentinean actress and director with a Colombian heart, and Ramiro Osorio, a Colombian relevant promoter of the Cultural Scene.

The aim of this event was to show the diversity and plurality of different genres and trends of the performing arts in the world, confronting various expressions of cultures.

Since 1988 it has received 520 companies from 50 different countries.

Every Festival has brought together more than 2’000.000 viewers at 450 theater presentations and 150 street performances.

This event has directly influenced the growth of understanding and tolerance between people, and has also enabled the rise of artistic development in Colombia.

This Theater Festival in Bogota is the world’s largest Festival of Performing Arts, just because of its gender, diversity, number of presentations and amount of audience.

Iberoamerican Theater Festival 2014

The opening of the XIV Edition of the Festival will be on April 4th 2014.

It's getting closer!

Continue visiting the following pages to know in detail every play that will be presented and the information necessary for you to schedule your participation ..... theaters, schedules, length of the presentation, ticket prices, etc.

Program at the XIV Festival's Edition

XIV Iberoamerican Theater Festival of Bogota. April 4th - 20th / 2014. "We all have to see" / "We all have to do with it". 

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