Hotels Bogota Downtown

Staying at one of the Hotels Bogota Downtown means being in the most traditional districts of the city. Although this two districts are very different from each other, they have in common that have been very important in the history of the city, each one with its own characteristics. There is no more than a 30 minutes walk between them.

In Bogota downtown area, "La Candelaria" and "Centro Internacional" you will find a wide range of hotels from traditional ones to the most modern, from small and quiet hotels to big and trendy, managed by national hotel chains or international ones.

You have quiet a selection to choose the one that closely matches your taste, area of interest, and budget.

Hotels Bogota Downtown at "La Candelaria"

La Candelaria is the oldest neigborhood in Bogota. The city was founded around here, on the slopes of "Cerro de Guadalupe" in 1538. The architecture at La Candelaria will let you know how the city looked back at the Spanish Colonial and Republican Periods.

La Candelaria was built upon the characteristic reticular pattern of the old Spanish cities. 

In this neighborhood you will find the city's main plaza "Plaza de Bolivar", surrounded by the Cathedral, and main official buildings such as "El Capitolio", seat of the Senate of the Republic and "La Casa de Nariño", Official Residence of the Colombia's President.

This district has the highest number of catholic churches and temples across the city. Most dating back to our colonial time.

Staying in Hotels Bogota Downtown at "La Candelaria" means being in a place surrounded by history, architecture, art, and culture.

Plaza de Bolivar and typical streets of La Candelaria District. Taken by Pedro Szeke

After being the main center of the city from the colonial period to the beginning of the last century, where most of the wealthiest people of the city lived; around the thirties the people moved to the newest neighborhoods of the city and left the area vacated. That situation put the neighborhood in a condition of deterioration.

Only until the seventies many artists, writers and intellectuals moved to La Candelaria and its surroundings, attracted by its particular environment and its spatial characteristics, and they started to restore the old houses.

In the eighties, the goverment with the intention to reactivate and to give the area a cultural life, restored some important buildings for cultural uses. One of them "El Camarín del Carmen", symbol of the colonial city and now used as an auditorium for musical and theatrical performances.

This neigborhood is a good example of the contrasts you can find in the city. The wealthiest, the poorest, the oldest and the newest, the most refined and simple...all in a collage of time and architecture. 

"La Candelaria" along with its cultural services, has a special dining experience, with restaurants characterized by the architecture around them. Many in old colonial or republican houses that give warmth to the environment. 

"La Candelaria" is today home to many education institutions, universities, museums, and the biggest amount of theaters by square meter of any city in the world. We highly recommend that you take time to visit or famous museum "Museo del Oro", where you can appreciate wonderful jewelry pieces from our Pre-Hispanic cultures.

If you want to experience our old city and its cultural life. Don't think twice... and make a reservation at a Bogota Downtown Hotel in "La Candelaria".

Check here a list of Hotels Bogota Downtown, at La Candelaria:

Hotel de la Opera

Hotel Santa Lucia Boutique Spa

The Orchids

BH Centenario

Continental All Suites Hotel

Hotel Augusta

Apartasuite Continental Bogota

Candelaria Lofts

Casa Platypus

Casa Quinta Hotel Boutique

Hotel Casa Deco

Hotel Dann 19

Hotel Muisca

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Hotels Bogota Downtown at "Centro Internacional"

"Centro Internacional" is a very important area of the city, as it is the most traditional business center, dating back to the last mid century when it was developed. It was recognized also as "Centro Internacional Tequendama", due to the important presence of the "Hotel Tequedama".

Hotels Bogota Downtown at "Centro Internacional" will be surrounded by corporate office buildings of some of the most important companies in Colombia, restaurants, shops, and cultural centers.

And talking about Bogota downtown restaurants, "Centro Internacional" and "La Macarena" districts all together offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy not only our traditional colombian cuisine but also a wide international cuisine proposal. You can't miss it!

Centro Internacional, Downtown Bogota. 

I consider, The National Museum of Colombia, the most important cultural center in this area, because it keeps the biggest and most remarkable collection of Colombian art from the pre-hispanic periods to recent years.

The National Museum is one of my favorite places in downtown Bogota. Actually, I keep it in my heart. My first job was being the Museum Director's Assistant. I was so lucky, I'm one of the fewest persons that have seen the whole museum collection. I keep those days as a treasure in my life.

Some other interesting sites around here are:

  • "Parque de la Independencia" or Independence Park, crowned by "Torres del Parque", a residential complex designed by one of our famous architects, Rogelio Salmona.
  • "Planetarium" and its daily show about our firmament and its constellations, planets and stars.
  • The "Bullfight Ring La Santamaria" called right now the "Cultural Center La Santamaria" after the bullfights were banned two years ago.
  • The San Diego's Church, with its colonial architecture right in the middle of all the modern skyscrapers.

A Bogota downtown hotel in "Centro Internacional" will be perfect for anyone who loves the city life and wants to participate in its many activities.

Check here a list of Hotels Bogota Downtown , at "Centro Internacional":

Crown Plaza Tequendama

Crown Plaza Tequendama Suites

Ibis Hotel Museo

Expo Suite Parque Central Bavaria

Hotel Centro Internacional

Innova Centro Internacional

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