Bogota Downtown Restaurants

Welcome to our guide to the Bogota Downtown Restaurants.

In Bogota Downtown, we can define three sub-areas with particular characteristics that make them significantly different from each other. 

Every sub-zone has its own flavor.

"La Candelaria" with its historic and traditional environment, The "Centro Internacional" as one of the most traditional financial centers in the city and "La Macarena", an old neighborhood with its bohemian halo.

Lately, the people in Bogota has seen a remarkable recovery and reactivation of the center of the city. If in the past the citizens thought Bogota downtown was marginal and dangerous, now they see it as the epicenter of the activities of inhabitants and visitors of Bogota.

Also a lot of universities are concentrated in this area of the city. Thanks to this, the center welcomes young people from across the city and offers opportunities for recreation, fun and entertainment.

Bogota Downtown is an area with great cultural, artistic and tourist activity. Here are located the most important buildings and historical monuments of the city as well as the most traditional churches.

In a small space compared to the size of the city you will have so much to see and apreciate about our colombian culture.

And, in terms of where to eat, you really have quite a selection to choose from, with a wide diversity of gastronomical offers and prices.

Bogota Downtown Restaurants"La Candelaria"

"La Candelaria" is defined as the area delineated on the south by Calle 6ª (6th street), on the north by the Avenida 19 (19th Street), on the west by the Calle 10ª and on the east by the Avenida Circunvalar. 

Here you will find the most important sites in the city to learn about our culture, traditions, arts, history and many more. At "La Candelaria" you will find the Gold Museum, the Colonial Museum, the Botero´s Collection Museum, La Casa de la Moneda, the National Army Museum, among others.

The 7th street has been very important in the city as it was the main entrance and exit to the north, connecting the city with the northern territory of Colombia. And it was for many decades the main street of the city.

Along the 7th street you will find interesting architectural buildings from every period of the history. It is an intense collage of architecture.

One of the decisions taken by the city goverment to motivate the citizens to take ownership of the center was to make pedestrian the Carrera 7 (7th street) between the Plaza de Bolivar at the (10th street)and the Calle 24 (24th Street)which is located between the calles 10 and 11 (10th and 11th Streets).

Having the 7th street pedestrianized help citizens to walk the city center from "La Candelaria" to the next important area in downtown Bogota: "Centro Internacional"

Cultural centers and museums are among the most important and well visited in the city. The vast majority of government offices are also located within the area.

In general, the gastronomic offer of the Bogota Downtown Restaurants is varied in quality, price and types of cuisines. In this area we also include the restaurants located at "Cerro de Monserrate" at the top of the mountain next to "La Candelaria"

All you have to do is choose from our list of restaurants in the downtown and order.

Check here for a list of Bogota Downtown Restaurants, at "La Candelaria":


Casa san Isidro

Casa Santa Clara

Casa Vieja

El Mirador

El Olivar

El Son de los Grillos



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Bogota Downtown Restaurants "Centro Internacional"

"Centro Internacional" has also been called the "Centro Internacional Tequendama" in honor to one of our first biggest Hotels in the city "El Tequendama".

Here you will find a group of building complexes, with a mix of residential, commercial and business activities. Anyway, "Centro Internacional" is mainly a business center, with an active, heavy day life, and quiet nights. 

The area is highly visited by tourists who wants to experience the pulse of the city with a mix of good places to eat, great cultural events at two of are main museums, the National Museum of Colombia and the Modern Art Museum. Think about coming to "Centro Internacional" and spend a day. You will not regret to take this opportunity.

At this area we can find restaurants with very special gastronomic approaches and cuisines from different origins, as the peruvian cuisine, local cuisine, colombian cuisine, american cuisine etc. You will for sure enjoy eating at any of them, you just have to choose one depending on your interest.

Check here for a list of Bogota Downtown Restaurants, at "Centro Internacional":

America Dulce America 

Casa Vieja


Doña Elvira

Leo Cocina Y Cava 

San Lorenzo 


Lima Cantón

Wok Museo Nacional

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Bogota Downtown Restaurants "La Macarena"

"La Macarena" was built around the last mid century, between "La Perseverancia" a working class neighborhood and "Bosque Izquierdo an upper class neighborhood. Its name was given in honor to "la Macarena" the Virgin of the bullfighters, due to its proximity to the Bullfighters Ring La Santa Maria.

Actually "La Macarena" has a bohemian ambiance thanks to many intellectuals, artists and young people that inhabits it.

This small area of the city has in itself some very important art galleries, a library that join every day people around an specific subject, and many cafes, restaurants and bars.

It is surrounded by many cultural sites like The National Museum, The Planetarium, the Independence Park, the National Library, and the Modern Museum. This fact also affects its daily and night life. 

At Bogota Downtown La Macarena, you will find restaurants that invites you to stay, and enjoy the live music, and its ambiance beside its gastronomical proposal. Hope you come and like it.

Check here for a list of Bogota Downtown Restaurants, at "La Macarena":


El Patio


La Gloria

La Jugueteria

Los Cauchos

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