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If you are thinking about staying at one of the Hotels Bogota Unicentro, you are going to stay in a calm and residential neighborhood and at the same time you will have access to many services at a close walking distance.

When we are talking about the "Unicentro" area, we refer to the area comprised between the 100th and 127th Street and the 7th Street and the "Autopista".

"Unicentro" was the first commercial center in Bogota, built within a concept of a mall. Surrounded by a big parking area and all the services you want to have all under one roof.

At that time Bogota was not as big as today, and Unicentro seemed to be way too big for the city.

All this residential area was developed after the construction of this commercial center, and since then depend on its services and learned to coexist with it.

Today Unicentro continues to be one of the main centers in the city. Considering the facilities offered by this area, in general, is highly coveted by travelers, who find a variety of services and facilities.

Unicentro is a meeting place and a center of activity for the city.

Although the city in general has a very active life, this area has a greater mix of residential uses which gives a more calm and peaceful character.

If you want to experience the urban residential city and its surroundings, with a close by active area with a lot of different services at your stay, Hotels Bogota Unicentro are your best option.

Area Services

As I told you before, Unicentro is the main activity center of the area, and the most traditional mall in the city. Just recently was remodeled to modernize its facilities and its overall image.

"Unicentro" is a place loved by the citizens of Bogota, and very well known by them. The main roads around leading to Unicentro have a also an important commercial and business activity.

In the surrounding you can find groceries, supermarkets, coffee shops, special brand shops, stationary shops, and a wide selection of services dedicated to the residential areas and offices.

Although the main streets area active, the area has a lot of small parks surrounded by residential blocks with mainly modern constructions.

Hotels, suites and apartments dedicated to tourists are scattered around the area and there are a variety of possibilities.

Main Roads and Transportation to the City

The area is served by main roads that during the day are very congested. Public transportation comes and goes from here to the whole city. 

"Calle 116" (116th Street) is a two way avenue with a bike route and green area in the middle. The street connects the city from east to west, from "Hacienda Santa Barbara" on the 7th Street, to the "Autopista", one of the main limits of this area on the west.

"Calle 127" (127th Street) is a two way avenue with a water channel in the middle. The street connects the city from east to west, from "Unicentro" on the 15th Street, to the "Autopista", one of the main limits of this area on the west, and to the 7th Street.

"Carrera 15" (15th Street) travels in a south to north direction and visceversa. This streets holds a heavy traffic mixed of public and private cars. 

Keep in mind that on sundays and holidays the side of the street going south will be used as a "ciclovía" or bike route, from the 127th street to the 100th Street. This street holds some commercial services, mainly close to Unicentro, more from 116th street to the 127th.

"Carrera 19" (19th Street) travels in a south to north direction and visceversa. This streets holds a medium traffic with some public and mainly private cars. In its central corridor it holds one of the permanent bike routes of the city, with a good green area both sides of the bike lane.

This street has less activity than the 15th Street and features some high-level business activity.

"Autopista" o Avenida Caracas is a major road of the city, it also connects it from south to north and south to north. The main characteristic of this road is that holds the "Trasmilenio" service. A public transportation within an exclusive lane for the service.

It is a fast way of transportation but it is heavily congested on peak hours, so be prepared in advance if you want to use it, and of course visit our page on tips for visiting Bogota and Succeding in the Attempt.

The stations that serve this area of the city are Calle 106 (106th Street), Pepe Sierra (116th Street), and Calle 127 (127th Street).  Consult the map and schedules for the "Trasmilenio" clicking here.

Interesting Sites Around Hotels Bogota Unicentro

In the area surrounding Hotels Bogota Unicentro there is one neighborhood that is well visited by citizens and tourists: Usaquen.

"Usaquen" goes, east from the 7th Street to the 5th street and from the 116th on the south to the 121th on the north.

At the beginning it was a small indigenous town, by the XIX siecle it was formed barely by 100 houses and around 20 more were located on its countryside. Usaquen was house of some very important "Haciendas" called Santa Barbara, Sanata Ana y El Cedro, today residential neighborhoods, with important urban developments and commercial areas.

Today Usaquen is an ancient town in the middle of a great metropolis. Maintains its bucolic flavor with its colonial and republican architecture. What makes it very desired by visitors and citizens who enjoy the relaxed, quiet and bohemian atmosphere.

In Usaquen you can find many restaurants with a wide offer of local and international cuisines. Also some bars where you can enjoy music and party.

"Santa Barbara Commercial Center" is located just at hte south edge of Usaquen. This is another place for shopping and entertainment beside Unicentro. Its colonial architecture is its principal characteristic, and we highly recommend you to have a walk through its patios, gardens and corridors to enjoy the ambiance. From here you can start your walk to Usaquen.

"Neighborhood parks" and a channeled creek along the 112th street, where you can enjoy nature and a quiet atmosphere.

As you see this Hotels Bogota Unicentro area has a unique mix of activities and spaces.

Choose one of the Hotels at Hotels Bogota Unicentro for a stay in a residential area with small parks to visit, commercial centers and restaurants to enjoy:

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